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Introduction to ALLOHA:


The Asian Local Leaders Organization for Humanitarian Aid (ALLOHA); an independent national Humanitarian and non-profit organization is dedicated to work for the preservation of human and nature’s lives and dignity.

ALLOHA is registered with the department of NGOs in Ministry of Economy –Afghanistan and its international secretariat is planning to be based in the Middle East.

Afghanistan is in the midst of a profound humanitarian crisis resulting primarily from long-standing armed conflict, continuous natural disasters and massive population migration. Furthermore, more than 5 million Afghans have either taken refuge in the neighboring countries or are internally displaced. Much of the rest of the population are in dire need of basic lifesaving assistance that includes: Food, Water, Shelter, Education, Cash and basic medical care.

There are a number of challenges and barriers including security, reaching out to rural areas and working with limited resources that have restricted the humanitarian assistance to the affected people; however, there are still opportunities in the short run to save many lives and substantially improve the lives of Afghans by carrying out appropriate and effective emergency relief programs. Over the long term, development programs including effective education system, proper health system and agricultural interventions will be an essential part of rehabilitating and renovating the war torn Country.

In addition to the Humanitarian assistance provided by the International Community, efforts of the Afghans to contribute to the Humanitarian needs and development of the Country and its people is essential to better understand the Afghanistan’s unique challenges and opportunities for an effective and efficient humanitarian response, in both the short and long term.

Afghanistan is currently facing an escalating humanitarian crisis with the staggering influx of IDPs and Afghan returnees from Pakistan and Iran, putting extra pressure on the already edgy capacity of the local communities, humanitarian agencies and the Afghan government.

A further breakdown of Afghanistan’s humanitarian needs by the United Nations Office for Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (UNOCHA) shows that 0.7 million Afghans need emergency shelter and related support; 1.7 million lack food security; 3.1 million health; 2.9 million nutrition; 1.7 million protection; and 1.5 million water, sanitation, and hygiene.