“a ray of hope and way forward”

About 3 decades ago, I was the wittiness of ruined villages and broken souls with totally hopeless look in the war hit country Afghanistan. I was assured that these broken souls & hopeless looks of Afghan resident will once again make it to see their lives happily, full of hope and prosperity.

Despite of all the obstacles and various geopolitical problems created by neighboring countries still Afghanistan is going forward. One may think that the progress and development is stuck in Afghanistan but there is a magical progress and development in the faith and will of Afghans. Saying this by the following findings:

After the fail invasion of Former USSRR:

          › There were only few muddy public school for a huge population in each province of Afghanistan,

          › Eager children unable to go school due to lack of economic and social conditions, particularly girls.

          › Lack of proper health care,

          › Lack of proper agricultural system, and transportation 

          › Lack of access to higher education, communication etc.

Our present:

We have come a long way from those dismal times. Thanks to the international community who have lend their supporting hand to the people of Afghanistan. We have been able to:

  • grown the Economy from zero to 1000, and this prosperity has immensely improved the quality of life for the people in the country.
  • Improvements of Infrastructure such as health centers, schools, and so on
  • Improvements in Education & Health system
  • Women and children life improved
  • Law and order much better than it was before.

Our Future:

The future looks strong and uplifting. With the continued support of international community and individual donors we are striving to:

  • Build the capacity of the young local leaders in humanitarian assistance, DRR, and environment protection
  • Building relationships, Earning the right to be heard, Planning and working alongside local leaders.

The founders of ALLOHA came up with a further enthusiasm and hope to join the caravan of Humanitarian actors during the worldwide meeting WHS, World Humanitarian Summit in Istanbul, Turkey in 2016.


Asian Local Leaders Organization for Humanitarian Aid (ALLOHA) is a young organization which has been started with developing the parts to develop the whole. Even though young, ALLOHA is an organization which is focused and committed in its activities and shares with others its experiences, findings and aspirations in the field of Humanitarian Aid and capacitating Local Leaders in Asia.

True to the name ALLOHA our NGO has a Humanitarian vision which is genuine and path breaking. The broad spectrum of our activities and their success rate within a short span of time speak about the dedicated work done by ‘ALLOHA’.

We endeavor in a humble way to reach underprivileged and needy children, aged and women in the conflict and give them an encouraging new lease of life. Through development, relief and advocacy, we strive to create lasting change in the lives of children and aged people. My experience over the past 30 years has shown that, if we limit our programs and investment to just directly impact the child, the change will not be sustainable. For sustaining the well-being of children, we need to equip the families and communities socio-economically; hence, our approach to child well-being is community-based and involves multiple programs. 

Our Humanitarian investment in children, aged, women and their families and communities are often in areas such as:

  • Strengthening the Young Local Volunteers in Humanitarian assistance
  • DRR awareness
  • Environmental Protection 

The focus of ‘ALLOHA’ is not just limited to strengthening the young local leaders, but We provide support to aged people, as there is an urgent need to provide older people with the means to lead a full life where they are provided with medical care and nursing. They need to have access to information, entertainment and the right to make their own choices. Older people need to be able to lead a full life with dignity. ‘ALLOHA’ is committed in working for the welfare and empowerment of older persons.

‘ALLOHA’ aims to empower youth, nurture innate talents and develop their skills to enable them to fulfill their potential and prosper in their communities and in the world at large. At the ground level, ‘ALLOHA’ has taken initiatives to provide opportunities for capacity building to youths; to keep pace with technical and professional demands of emerging times. Yet more still needs to be done and we are on the path to empower the youth in our society. ALLOHA have always held the belief that through entrepreneurship, innovation and grassroots efforts, our young people can transform this country, the next generation has the power to change this world for the better.

Strengthen our hands to create ‘a ray of hope and way forward’. The awareness created through this website and its visitors gives us the courage to carry on in our endeavors. I, on behalf of ‘ALLOHA’ offer our services to all those who wish to avail them. Thank you all for visiting our website and being part of this critically important mission to bring about positive changes in people’s lives.

Together we can face the future with confidence and optimism. Looking forward to your invaluable and constructive comments, guidance and assistance.

Founder &Chair