Volunteer Team

Dr. Mohammad Naeem Salimee – Founding Member of ALLOHA   PhD – in Development Studies Founder & Senior Advisor –
CoAR Involved in Humanitarian & Development, DRR work since 1989
www.coar.org.af / www.cen.af
Dr. Sushma Singh (ALLOHA Volunteer Team) PhD-
Limnology of High altitude Specialization in Water Quality, Assessment, Plant Diversity, Climate Change, EIA, DRM Involved in Environmental Awareness Programs and DRM since 2009 – India

Ms. Mahmooda Taqwa – (Trustee – ALLOHA) MA –
Language & literature Media Program Manager Involved in DRR, Humanitarian, Environmental Protection and Civil Society Activist in Media Programs since 2011
www.gobat.net / mahmooda.taqwa@yahoo.com

Mr. Wafaurahman Wafa (ALLOHA Volunteer Team)
Master of Environmental Impact Assessment & Monitoring Kabul University Lecturer Deputy Head of Environmental Science Faculty, Involvement in DRR & Environmental Protection Training since 2010

Abdul Halim Halim – (Trustee – ALLOHA)
MA- Humanitarian Law Managing Director – CoAR Active Member of – HCT, AHF, ADRRN & etc Involvement in Humanitarian, DRR work since 1992
www.coar.org.af / director@coar.org.af

Zainab Khalid (ALLOHA Volunteer Team)
PhD fellow in (physical geography)- China been an active volunteer during the flood and earthquake disasters in Pakistan and have worked with many national and international NGOs

Tabasum Raji (ALLOHA Volunteer Team)
Bachelor- IR Trainer and communications adviser, ALLOHA Involved in humanitarian and community activities since 2009 in Kabul-Afghanistan. tabo_raji2002@yahoo.com

Ms. Sameera Noori (Founding Member of ALLOHA)
B.com & Environmental Engineering Volunteer Consultant for ALLOHA Involved in Humanitarian, DRR, Environmental issues & EiE since 2013 www.alloha.org