Mission & Vision

Our vision : ALLOHA’s vision is to see resilient and dignified Asian lives and to coordinate globally with likeminded groups and societies.

Our Mission: The mission of ALLOHA is to make an effective contribution to empower communities against all types of disasters, and to promote local capacities mainly through media & Education and preserve human dignity.

Our Goals  : More effective and principled Humanitarian interventions that meet the need of affected Asian communities and maintain their dignity.

Our Objectives

Founded in April 2017, to advocate for humanity, registered as a national organization ALLOHA works to fulfill its mission through the following objectives:

  • To work with different humanitarian partners and Governments departments and contributing to fulfilling the WHS objectives set in 2016 in Istanbul Turkey and SFDRR-2015 Sendai Japan.
  • To work nationally, regionally and globally by raising awareness, building solidarity and partnership for a better humanitarian action,
  • To work towards establishing a National Humanitarian Database Centers (NHDC) in the country of operation and promoting Humanitarian researches,
  • To advocate for the implementation of International Humanitarian Law (IHL) and educating youth to influence and monitor the Humanitarian laws, policies and practices of state and non-state actors and of international and regional bodies and institutions.
  • Develop cultural diplomacy that contribute to Good Humanitarian Practices .
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