Dr. Mohammad Naeem Salimee Founding Member of ALLOHA PhD – in Development Studies Founder & Senior Advisor –
CoAR Involved in Humanitarian & Development, DRR work since 1989 www.coar.org.af / www.cen.af
Abdul Halim Halim(ALLOHA member)
MA- Humanitarian Law Managing Director – CoAR Active Member of – HCT, AHF, ADRRN & etc Involvement in Humanitarian, DRR work since 1992 www.coar.org.af / director@coar.org.af
Sameera Noori (Founding Member of ALLOHA)
B.com & Environmental Engineering Volunteer Consultant for ALLOHA Involved in Humanitarian, DRR, Environmental issues & EiE since 2013 www.alloha.org
Zainab Khalid (ALLOHA Volunteer Team)
PhD fellow in (physical geography)- China been an active volunteer during the flood and earthquake disasters in Pakistan and have worked with many national and international NGOs zainabkhalid@ciit.net.pk
Mr. Wafaurahman Wafa (ALLOHA Volunteer Team)
Master of Environmental Impact Assessment & Monitoring Kabul University Lecturer Deputy Head of Environmental Science Faculty, Involvement in DRR & Environmental Protection Training since 2010 wafaurahmanw@gmail.com
Dr. Sushma Singh (ALLOHA Volunteer Team)
Limnology of High altitude Specialization in Water Quality, Assessment, Plant Diversity, Climate Change, EIA, DRM Involved in Environmental Awareness Programs and DRM since 2009 – India sushsinghrathi1661@gmail.com


Tabasum Raji (ALLOHA Volunteer Team)
Bachelor- IR Trainer and communications adviser, ALLOHA Involved in humanitarian and community activities since 2009 in Kabul-Afghanistan. tabo_raji2002@yahoo.com
Ms. Mahmooda Taqwa (Trustee – ALLOHA) M.A (Language & literature Media Program Manager )
Involved in DRR, Humanitarian, Environmental Protection and Civil Society Activist in Media Programs since 2011 www.gobat.net / mahmooda.taqwa@yahoo.com
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